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Highliine Community College Faculty Handbook


The college has certain required and recommended elements for the syllabus. Required elements must be included in the official course syllabus that you distribute to students. Recommended elements do not have to be a part of the core syllabus, but should be shared with students near the beginning of the quarter. The following documents are available to help develop your syllabus:

These files are available to be added to Canvas via course import or from Canvas Commons.

If you have questions or concerns, please speak with your department coordinator and/or division chair.

(Also see Grades)

Must I have a syllabus for every class I teach?

A syllabus is required for each class that you teach. The syllabus is an extension of the contract between the student and the school. Your syllabus should be consistent with the Course Adoption Form (CAF) that your department has filed with the campus Office of Instruction. Each course has a set of outcomes as well as a course outline identified on the CAF. If a problem arises because the two documents do not agree, the least restrictive of the two documents may apply to the student. Regardless, the College can better support the instructor in a grade complaint if the faculty member has a syllabus and follows it.

Does the college keep a copy of my syllabus?

Your department or division chair will ask you to provide a syllabus for each class you teach. These will be kept in the division files.

Can I make changes in the syllabus after the quarter starts?

During the first week of class, preferably the first day, every student should be given a typed copy of your course syllabus. After the syllabus is handed out, changes can be made in assignments, test dates and due dates as long as the changes are reasonable and there is proper notification. It is best to include a statement in the syllabus that test dates, assignments and lectures are subject to change. It is not a good idea to add reading material during the last two weeks of the quarter.

If you do make a change, a written copy of the change will need to be provided to students. Be sure to keep a signed and dated copy.

A substitute teacher is bound to the original syllabus. A change could be made right at the start, but a different book could not be required.

Once the quarter begins do not change the grading scale, grading policy, attendance policy, make-up policy and participation policy (especially if a change will negatively impact students’ grades).