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Graduation Evaluation Instructions

As a program coordinator, you are required to evaluate a student's accomplished credits against the requirements of the program's degree.  Registration will send you a student file after the graduation application has been received and recorded.  The next step is to complete the worksheet which has spaces for substitutions and transfer credits used toward the degree.  There is also room to list the classes the students still need to complete.  Once the evaluation is complete and signed, the student's file needs to be returned to Registration for recording.

Following is the current process for graduation. 

  1.  Students submits graduation application to Registration.
  2.  Registration enters graduation applications into SMS.
  3.  Registration puts a file together for program coordinators.  The file consists of the student transcripts, the student application and the evaluation form.
  4.  Registration notifies students when their file has been processed and will be send it to the coordinator.  At this stage in the process students are advised to set up a time to meet with the coordinator.
  5.  Registration sends the file to the coordinator.
  6.  Coordinator meets with student and does the evaluation (see instructions)
  7. Coordinator sends the file back to Registration.

After the file is received in the Registration office, the degree is posted to the student transcript in the SMS system. if the coordinator indicates the student has completed the required credits.  If the student has not completed the required credits, Registration holds the file until the student successfully completes all the classes/credits indicted on the evaluation worksheet.

Registration is working with the new Degree Audit system to eventually eliminate the need for this current paper process.