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Online/Hybrid Scheduling Process

Adopted by Instruction Cabinet, Spring Quarter 2006

This process is identical for on-line, ITV, telecourse and hybrid classes.


  • Remove roadblocks to offering DL courses.
  • Place control of curriculum matters and instructor competencies with the department and division.
  • Direct instructors to the professional support resources most appropriate to their level of experience in distance learning.
  • Ensure that the support groups (e.g. Instructional Design, Instructional Computing, Library) receive timely notification of DL offerings.


  1. Department coordinator & instructor agree to on-line course offering.
  2. Division chair is consulted if the course and instructor are new to Highline
  3. Coordinator places on-line offerings on the 1st construction of the Quarterly, which is submitted to the Scheduling Office.
  4. The Scheduling Office ensures assignment of DL or H code indicating an on-line or hybrid course and is then able to download a report of all DL/H course offerings and assigned instructors.
    • Scheduling Office will also report courses that are footnoted/scheduled as partially on-line but do not meet either the Hybrid or On-Line course definitions.
  5. At that point, the Scheduling Office:
    • Notifies support staff about the availability of the report
    • Provides division chairs with a modified version of the report that describes the proposed distance education offerings in their division (including type, instructor experience level, etc)
    • Sends the instructors (and ccs coordinator and chair) a “to-do list” e-mail tailored to that instructor’s level of experience (experienced instructor, new to Highline on-line, and new to on-line).
    • The “to-do list” essentially prompts them (1) to notify and have conversations via email about their course with the support group representatives and (2) to access orientation resources appropriate to their situation.
    • Follow-up requests will be cc’d to coordinator and division chair.

Support for instructors

The committee will provide an “orientation” to instructors based on their needs. We’ve identified three categories of DL instructor:

  • Those who have taught DL here at Highline and are familiar with the departments and support availability, along with the institutional expectations for DL courses. They may choose to attend an orientation for a refresher if it’s been some time since teaching a DL course.
  • Those who have taught DL elsewhere will need to be acquainted with the people and departments which are relevant to the successful DL offering, and with the institutional expectations for DL offerings here at HCC. There will be an orientation designed specifically for these instructors.
  • The instructors who are completely new to the DL instruction process need more information, guidance and support as they design a DL course. The orientation for this group will be set up to accommodate those needs.