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Instruction Cabinet

Guiding Principles

  1. respects and reflects Highline Community Colleges mission, values, and strategic initiatives.
  2. strives to foster a campus climate that values local decision making, innovation, responsiveness, and faculty and staff initiatives.
  3. values deliberative processes that are inclusive, that are rooted in a culture of evidence, and that are reflective rather than expedient.
  4. believes that transparent processes are essential if the college is to meet its goals of access, collaboration and diversity, and understands the importance of communicating policies and decisions to faculty and staff in a clear and timely manner.
  5. strives to balance advocacy for the areas we represent with larger institutional needs.
  6. values an environment within Cabinet in which confidentiality and privacy are respected in order to foster open and frank discussion.
  7. upholds the letter and spirit of the faculty and staff contracts.

Adopted by Instruction Cabinet - Fall 2008

Instruction Cabinet