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Academic Affairs

Interim Vice President: Emily Lardner
Executive Assistant to the VP: Carrie Davidson
Phone: (206) 592-3711

Interim Executive Dean for Workforce Education: Marty Heilstedt 
Interim Dean of Instruction for Transfer and Pre-College Education: Raegan Copeland

Dean of College & Career Readiness: vacant
Dean of Extended Learning:  Gabrielle Bachmeier
Director of ABE/ESL:  Steve Washburn
Director of Institutional Research:
  Emily Coates
Director of Instructional Budget & Planning:  Marco Lopez
Associate Dean for Access, Inclusive Education & Employment:  Jenni Sandler

Academic Divisions:

Arts and Humanities Division
Division Chair: Wendy Swyt
Secretary:  Lauri Spivey
Building 5
Secretary:  Tina Malnack
Building 16
Business Division
Division Chair: Sherri Chun
Secretary:  Patty Von Behren
Building 18
Secretary: Dianne Lonsbery
Building 29
Health, PE, & Education Division
Division Chair: Darin Smith
Secretary: Chrystell Lemke
Building 15

Pure and Applied Science Division
Division Chair: Dusty Wilson
Secretary:  Linda Quick
Building 29

Social Sciences Division
Division Chair: Teri Balkenende
Secretary:  Rayna Young
Building 11

Offices under Academic Affairs:

Academic Success Centers
      Math Resource Center
      MESA Center
      Tutoring Center
      Writing Center
Adult Basic Education
Continuing Education
Pathway to College
Instructional Design
Learning and Teaching Center
Puget Sound Welcome Back Center
Placement & Testing Center
Transition Referral & Resource Center