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Academic Affairs

Vice President: Emily Lardner
Executive Assistant to the VP: Carrie Davidson
Phone: (206) 592-3711

Dr. Lardner's Office Hours - Monday's from 4-5p

Dean for Workforce Programs: Paulette Lopez 
Interim Dean of Academic Programs & Partnerships: Raegan Copeland

Dean of College & Career Readiness: Justin Dampeer
Dean of Organizational Development & Extended Learning:  Gabrielle Bachmeier
Associate Dean for Accessibility Resources:  Jenni Sandler
Associate Dean for BAS & Workforce Pathways:  Tanya Powers
Interim Associate Dean for Guided Pathways:  Liz Word
Interim Associate Dean for Student Learning & Success:  Shawna Freeman
Director of Institutional Research:
  Emily Coates
Director of Instructional Budget & Planning:  Marco Lopez
Director of the Library:  Gerie Ventura

Academic Divisions:

Arts and Humanities Division
Division Chair: Gayatri Sirohi
Secretary:  Lauri Spivey
Building 18
Secretary:  Kris Plemmons
Building 16
Business Division
Division Chair: Sherri Chun
Secretary:  VACANT
Building 26 third floor
Secretary: Dianne Lonsbery
Building 29 second floor
Health, PE, & Education Division
Division Chair: Darin Smith
Secretary: Chrystell Lemke
Building 26 second floor

Pure and Applied Science Division
Division Chair: Dusty Wilson
Secretary:  Linda Quick
Building 29 third floor

Social Sciences Division
Division Chair: Teri Balkenende
Secretary:  Rayna Young
Building 15

Offices under Academic Affairs:

Academic Success Centers
      Math Resource Center
      MESA Center
      Tutoring Center
      Writing Center
Accessibility Resources
      Access Services
      Community & Employment Svc.

English Language, Career & Academic Prep
Continuing Education
High School Re-Engagement Programs
Educational Technology
Learning and Teaching Center
Puget Sound Welcome Back Center
Placement & Testing Center
Transition Success Center